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April is…

April, to open, to spring; it is probably derived from the Latin word “Aprilis” which in turn is derived from “Aphrodite”, the Greek goddess of love, aka Venus!

April’s birthstone is a diamond!  We all know a diamond is a girl’s best friend, and they usually lead to an engagement ring, which leads us to weddings.

The tulip blooms in April, and did you know the red tulip is a symbol of perfect love!

“April” is also the name of our certified wedding coordinator.  Her planning skills take the stress out of the most important day of your life and make it special.  From the very beginning, let April Cluett guide you through your planning decisions.  She has a vast array of knowledge in all areas of wedding planning and as a certified wedding coordinator, she can help you to organize the layout of your venue, help pick the perfect menu for your budget, coordinate your wedding ceremony, recommend vendors such as decorators, pianists, d.j.’s and bakers, or provide a listening ear.  Because becoming engaged and planning your special day can be overwhelming, leave it in April’s capable hands.  Book your appointment today.  Call 902-562-2870. 

This is Box-Office Glenda signing off until next time.  Please like us on Face Book or follow us on Twitter.

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