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Joel Plaskett live at the MTCC!

Joel Plaskett, a Nova Scotian living his dream.  Joel hails from Lunenburg N.S. and has a deep love and devoted connection to rock music.  In his younger years, he was influenced by Led Zeppelin.  He is known as a patriot, a folk-hero, an Indie Darling, and also a National Treasure.  He stays true to his roots, in particular his love of Canada, and more precisely his love of Nova Scotia, making his home in Halifax.

With the break-up of his band “Thrush Hermit” in late 1999, Joel knew he wanted to continue in his chosen field and within 3 weeks he had put together a new band.  Consisting of drummer Dave Marsh and bass player Chris Pennell, the trio gave birth to Joel Plaskett Emergency!  Joel now has his own recording studio allowing him free reign to record all the music he wants. Being the reciprocant of a Juno award, it speaks volumes of what his fans want as well.

JOEL PLASKETT:  Thursday March 31st 2016

Doors: 7:30 p.m.  Show: 8:30 p.m.

Tickets $25.00 reg. cabaret seating

This is Box-Office Glenda signing off until next time.  Please like us on Face Book and follow us on Twitter.

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