Business in Excellence Awards

On Tuesday October 20th 2015, the Sydney and Area Chamber of Commerce held their annual Business in Excellence Awards.  It is my pleasure to congratulate all winners, starting with the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre!  That’s right; the MTCC won the prestigious Aboriginal Business of the Year AwardPresented by Maureen Carroll from Breton Ability and accepted by our very own Marcella Marshall on behalf of the MTCC.  Congratulations MTCC! 

Congratulations to all winners:

Maureen Barrington Brookside Baskets and Décor- won the Jack Yazer Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award

Classic Fine Foods won the...

For those of you who missed the amazing Carroll Baker on Sunday October 18th here at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre, you really missed out on a fabulous show. At age 66, Carroll can belt out a tune as good, if not better than she did in her heyday.  Her vocal range is nothing short of phenomenal, Jay Bedford from 103.5 the Eagle introduced her as he did in 1979 in Sydney.  Her entire performance was top notch and 7 standing ovations later, I am positive the audience agreed.

Her mesmerizing song “Ten Little Fingers” was dedicated to Tracy Lowes and delivered with such raw emotion. Tracy could be heard shouting with glee from her seat! This concert was just meant to be; from all perspectives, Tracy’s dream of meeting the woman who was her first tangible grasp at having a meaningful life was realized, and it was mom Barbara Campbell’s own personal miracle.   In Carroll’s own words it was her sign from God above that it was up to him, and him alone to decide when she would give up singing and touring and that time was not now.  She was still touching lives with her music, including...

Getting to Know…Lans McPhee

Lans McPhee has worked from day one at the MTCC in Kiju’s Restaurant, even before it was called Kiju’s.  He is a best friend to anyone who has crossed his path and is such a likeable, pleasant guy; he brings a unique sense of knowing what the customers want, before they want it.  His innate ability to know when and how to approach a variety of customers in the restaurant is legend.


You were the very first person to welcome me to the MTCC years ago when I first started, I thank you for that, and here we are many years later and still friends.  Your friendliness must serve you well in the hospitality sector, even through difficult days.  Could you share a story with us that depicts that?


Thanks Glenda, yes, we are friends.  As for the story, hmmm, what can I say? Well, customers coming in asking if they can help ME out. ...

Updates on Carroll Baker 103.5 Radio Kitchen Party and the Cancer Patient Care Fund Benefit.

I love my job, I seriously do.  Where else can you meet such an amazing eclectic group of people from all walks of life?  From my daily interactions with staff, clients, customers, entertainers and security there really is never a dull moment here at the MTCC!

Sunday October 4th was the Cancer Patient Care Fund Benefit Concert and it was deemed a huge success.  You could feel the energy in the air, and the organizers want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this incredible event. Take a peek at some of the beautiful pictures courtesy of Corey Katz Photography.


Getting to Know….. April Cluett

April Cluett is the wedding coordinator here at the MTCC.  She has been with us since June 2014.  Not a wedding goes by without me hearing great things about our April!  She is perky, bright, and is always in “wedding planning mode.”  April brings forth 8 years experience in the customer service industry and 3 years in hospitality.  It is my pleasure to introduce you to April.


Hi April, it’s been fun working with you this past year and a half.  You are always in a hurry.  I know time is not your friend, but you manage to make it look easy!  I am looking forward to getting to know you better.

Being a woman that exudes confidence daily, must give you the upper hand in calming nervous brides and their jitters.  Tell me a quick story of when a bride was so nervous, you didn’t think you could calm her,...

When the majority of us think back to our youth, those of us who were country music fans smile.  Today’s music just doesn’t make you “feel” like that anymore.  Perhaps it is just our age, or maybe music used to tell a story.  I had the opportunity of hearing a truly inspiring story first hand recently and it went something like this.

On Monday October 5th, I arrived at work early to ensure I had enough time to prepare for the busy day I was anticipating.  I was in my office answering emails and listening to messages when I heard a very high pitched excited child, or so I thought.  It was just shortly after 9:00 a.m. and the Box-Office wasn’t scheduled to open until 10:00 a.m.  Audrey (our GM) popped her head in to let me know somebody was looking for me.  I went to the door and this tiny figure was just so excited, I couldn’t understand anything she was saying to me, she was talking so fast!   Just then her mom, Barbara Campbell, spoke up and said they were looking for Carroll Baker tickets, that her daughter Tracy Lowes was a huge fan,(she wouldn’t actually know who Carroll was but would relate to hearing the song Ten...

Getting to Know…Chris Simms

Chris has been working at the MTCC since 2006.  He is our “go to “ guy for event setups. He can follow a floor plan like no other!

Hi Chris, it is your turn for the “Chamber of Torture” (bahahah) Just making sure you are awake!  First of all, everyone should know that Chris may be small, but he is definitely strong.  He bounces around the MTCC like a flea on a hot shovel, and has more energy than the energizer bunny. cheeky


Hoisting those heavy tables and chairs day after day must be very tiring and hard on your body.  When you do get a rare day off, how do you relax?


I spend it with my wife if I can and I...

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Fantastic Fun Friday!

I can’t believe it is almost October!  Take advantage of the sun and warmth while you can, because you know what is coming!

This past Friday was the 2nd annual Country Explosion Event which benefits FAACS  (Feral and Abandoned Cat Society).  A great evening of entertainment was had by all who attended.  The evening started out with line dancing lessons from Linda Campbell and her terrific ensemble of line-dancers; (my bff Marie was one of them!)  Wendy (Getting to know Wendy Christmas) and myself rose to the occasion and tried to dance with our four left feet, although not much choreography on our part was evident. HA!  We had fun though and that is what counted. 

  After line dancing, I tried my hand on the mechanical bull; I have always wanted to...

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Getting to Know…Trina Porter

Trina Nixon (Porter to us long timers) has been employed with Membertou since 2006 and with the MTCC for the past 3 ½ years.  She is a people magnet, always a story to tell or a picture to share.  I am proud to call Trina my friend.


Hey buddy, you’re up next on the list of getting to know.  I know you  very well, but I am positive there are questions about you which I know nothing about.

You are a participating member of the MB2 Boxing Club, (something I was supposed to do with you but keep putting off.)  You are also a master at plastic canvas, creating such fantastic pieces that are worthy of selling professionally.  What other talents do you possess?

TRINA PORTER:  hmmm, talents…hmmm, I don’t know what I would consider a...

Thinking of a Night Out?

If you are thinking of an evening or weekend out, why not come to the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre?  We have an extensive entertainment line-up this fall, with plenty of dates to choose from.  To make your stay extra special, the Hampton Inn is just across the pedway.  Also, each show ticket purchased in person at the MTCC is stamped 10% off (with reservation) for Kiju’s restaurant for the day of the show.

On Wednesday Sept. 23rd through Dec. 2nd, Celtic Serenade is happening in the Corner Office, admission for this event is absolutely free and it is hosted by Donnie Campbell & Jinx O’Neill.

Next up is Country Explosion slated for Friday Sept. 25th.  If you call the Hampton and mention you have tickets to this event, you will get a reduced room rate for the evening.

Saturday Sept. 26th we have “Beyond the Bump”; A Mommy Showcase, in support of...