Psst, hey you, yes YOU!  The one reading this blog, I am bursting at the seams to let you in on a few choice tidbits of info.  winkYou didn't hear it here, BUT.....I have it on good authority that Guy Davis and Coig will be gracing the MTCC stage in November!  Can the autumn GET any better?  Country Explosion, Carroll Baker, Madison Violet, Coig, and Guy Davis!  I am also very excited to be the first to let you know that our Main Hall has a theater size and style screen.  This will be invaluable to some of our future ventures such as "Just for Cats Film Fest"  That's it for now, this is Box-Office Glenda signing off until next time.  Don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter.  (short and sweet, just like me, HA)


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The wry philosopher

So far so good on the blog front, which when you think about it is totally amazing for me.  I want to give a shout out to the ACWA Championship Wrestling Alliance  “REZURECTION”   Tickets will be a steal at $12.00 VIP no less! You must purchase them in advance to receive the VIP treatment which includes early admission, 1st or 2nd row ringside seats, and a meet n’ greet,  VIP seats are limited. You can purchase your tickets at Belly Busters. This action packed event will take place Wednesday July 15, 2015 at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre.  7:30p.m. is bell time .  If you wait until the evening of the event, the price will go up $15.00.

Attention all Lloyd Cole fans,  Lloyd will be here at  the MTCC on July 29th. General admission is just $20.00. If you have ever heard Lloyd live, you will not be surprised at the amazing show he puts on.  Rave reviews follow him wherever he performs.  Here is a quote from the Bristol Post.  “There’s a nod to Roy Orbison when he plays “It’s too late” and Lou Reed with “Pale Blue Eyes.” The Guardian says “ The intense young poet is now...


As predicted, my “updates” are not daily! surprise The “want to” is there, my thoughts are there, but nary the two shall meet.  This can probably be attributed to pure and utter anticipation and excitement for the up-coming CCMA Songwriters Series  on July 28th.  The show features our very own Jordan Musycsyn , The Ryan Sisters,  and Bruce Guthro .   The headliner is none other than Carolyn Dawn Johnson!  What an amazing talent this lady is.  For every mood we experience, Carolyn has a song (more than likely written by her) to feed that mood.  Uggh…I just HAD to say feed, now my growling tummy wants Kiju’s.  The summer menu has...

Kwe’ (Mi’kmaq for Greetings) 

I thought about blogging for a while now to let everyone know some interesting tidbit on a daily basis about an up-coming event or show here at the Membertou Trade & Convention Centre.  The concept sounds great, providing of course, that I can maintain dialog on a professional, insightful, and informative level.  Did I mention my memory isn’t fantastic either, so good intentions or not, a daily update can quickly turn into a weekly or bi-weekly one!  I am also not known for my “patience” (insert rolling eyes here!)   As a matter of fact, I am the kind of gal that wants everything done yesterday.  But I digress, you are learning too much about “moi” and nothing about our wonderful facility the MTCC. My building (of course it isn’t actually mine per se, but I love it as if it were my own) is a part of me, a very integral part, from the wonderful aroma from Kiju’s  Restaurant that wafts across the hallway and enters my office enticing me to spend my hard earned cash on my belly, to the lovely meeting rooms set up to greet new and returning clients, to the warm...