Kwe’ (hello) and welcome to the Membertou Trade and Convention Centre! Walk with me and let me take you on a virtual tour of our beautiful venue.

As we walk through the Main Doors on the first floor we will approach the doors to the Jenu room.
Jenu is well known for its intimate setting and romantic atmosphere making it a sought after location for a wedding. Its neutral color scheme marries perfectly with any color of décor allowing you to truly have a crisp and blank canvas to paint your dream wedding.

Some important features to note would be:

* Floor to ceiling windows that provide stunning natural light. Whether you are watching the sunlight flirt with the flowers in the summer or watching snowflakes dance outside in the winter, the windows really lend to the romance.

* Jenu is also equipped with its own set of washrooms on the floor making it easy to run away quickly to powder your nose or touch up the lip gloss. 

* Jenu can accommodate a maximum of 200 seated for dinner comfortably with sufficient space to dance...